Form follows light

fuma LED lighting systems offer a new dimension of lighting effects and boasts enable innovative lighting concepts for living and outdoor areas.

Light and form a symbiosis that was previously accessible only with a large structural and energetic effort. Fuma with LED - light systems, you create an individual and unique, at home or in the private and public sectors. You have the option of a custom "light therapy" in different colors and different light intensity to create. Design your lighting system, and increase significantly the safety of darkness.

Whether in the kitchen, living room or sanitary facilities, whether on walls, ceilings or floors - you decide what will be built new look. Depending on the application, the fuma, LED lighting systems specifically designed for you and made​​. fuma LED lighting systems are available in five different shades of white and the four colors red, blue, green and yellow. For all the whites and colors are three different brightness levels available - so make the fuma LED lighting systems at the touch and homely atmosphere. Mix the colors and brightness as desired: You will receive a selection of more than a million color variations and alternate light sequences!